PSOT Patient Portal is now available!

Please log on and sign up for our portal so that we can relay important messages to you. We promise not to send unnecessary email or frequent messages. We do want to be able to contact you regarding issues or events that are relevant to you. We also want you to have access to portions of your records that can be accessed through the portal. Instructions for the process are available on the website or we can assist you during an office visit. Please help us make the communication two way.

Walk with a Doc

Dr. Patel has recently participated in the Smith County Medical Society (SCMS) initiative “Walk with a Doc”. This is a national program encouraging physician interaction and encouragement in patient exercise and education. Dr. Patel spoke on the topic of COPD, updating attendees with recent information about COPD and treatment protocols. The program continues on a monthly basis and will be moving back to Rose Rudman Park for the spring and summer months. PSOT has supported SCMS through individual membership and leadership for the past 30 years and encourages regular exercise for all patients that are able.